Enquirer / February 21, 2016
Sandra Smythe worked hard her entire life. Her career path led her on a journey of writing and teaching that spanned over half a century. So you’d think when she retired as an educator at The Seven Hills School in 20122, she would want to kick back and relax.
Not exactly.
Right after retirement, the Hyde Park resident embarked on her next adventure – volunteering to teach a journalism class at Oyler High School. She says she couldn’t say no to the chance to mold, shape, and educate students in Lower Price Hill, the neighborhood in which she grew up….
Daniel Barnes, editor-in-chief of The Griffin, has worked his way up the ranks at the newspaper the last four years.  Now a senior, Barnes will head to the University of Cincinnati in the fall to pursue a business degree. No one in his family has had that chance.
“Mrs. Smythe really helped me to get on the right track to do what I need to do to work towards a brighter future,” Barnes said, adding that Smythe has helped him work on his professionalism and his public speaking skills. ” A big part of why I work so hard is seeing that she doesn’t have to do this, but this is something she wants to do,” Barnes said. “Not everyone wakes up that early when they don’t have to and drives that far when they don’t need to.” …

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