Education First / March, 2016
Oyler – after a long-troubled past – has turned around and become this community’s refuge. It is a crown jewel in Cincinnati’s efforts to transforms its schools and help students living in significant poverty beat the odds. Oyler is where all of Cincinnati’s reform efforts converge. It’s the comprehensive supports – not only food and healthcare but also the high expectations for all students to graduate ready for college and careers enabled by expert instruction and professional development – that make Oyler a difference-maker for students.

In Districts Rising, we tell the stories of ten school districts and their efforts to raise student achievement and prepare students for college and career. Each brief in the series focuses on one school district: Aldine Independent School District (Texas); Boston Public Schools, Cincinnati Public Schools, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, D.C. Public Schools, Indianapolis Public Schools, New Haven Public Schools (Connecticut), Santa Ana Unified School District (California), Springdale Public Schools (Arkansas) and Washoe County School District (Nevada). The briefs describe the polices and strategies each district is using to raise student achievement, including implementing college- and career-readiness standards for students, improving educator effectiveness, and engaging the community when rolling out new initiatives.

Other school districts can learn from Districts Rising. The series includes an overview brief with ten themes that state and district leaders should consider when planning their own reform strategies

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