UHCAN Ohio Honors Health Care Champions / May 25, 2017

Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio (UHCAN Ohio) honored champions of health care at its annual event, “Lend your Voice—Health Care for All,” held on May 25, 2017 at the historic Lincoln Theatre in Columbus. The five honorees were chosen because they vigorously advocate for better health care for more people and help others advocate for their own health care.

“Our mission is to build the consumer voice to make sure all Ohioans have access to affordable, quality health care,” said Steve Wagner, Executive Director of UHCAN Ohio. “These honorees are leaders whose tireless efforts and unrelenting dedication inspire all of us to work even harder to make health care work for everyone.”

UHCAN Ohio selected Darlene Kamine, Executive Director of the Community Learning Center Institute, as an honoree because of her work as a driving force in getting children in Cincinnati access to health services. She has led the creation of community learning centers that serve as a hub for health resources and other services and has not only increased access to health care within Cincinnati, but has also worked to spread the community learning center across the nation.

“I have devoted my life’s work to leveling the playing field for all children and to provide for every child what I would want for my own child,” said Kamine. “Nothing is more important to ensure the conditions for a child to thrive and learn than access to quality health care – and we have been able to make that happen for our children in Cincinnati through our comprehensive system of health providers partnering with our schools to create community learning centers. I am so grateful for the work that UHCAN Ohio is doing to ensure that the policies and supports are in place to make this possible for Ohio’s children.”

UHCAN Ohio is a statewide non-partisan, non-profit organization building the voice of consumers to achieve quality, affordable, accessible health coverage for all Ohioans. www.uhcanohio.org