INEOS / March 7, 2017
On a monthly basis, our colleagues from the INEOS ABS Addyston site dedicate their time to support and teach a third grade class from their site’s neighboring school in science and biology. “Adopt A Class” (ACC) is a mentoring program that connects businesses with students from the local community. It is designed to mentor and impact students by being positive role models and supporting their development of practical and social skills. “INEOS ABS Addyston has been supporting this non-governmental organization for an entire school calendar year – beginning August 2016 and running until May 2017 – and adopted a class from their local community,” explains Danny Herrera, SHE Manager in Addyston. A set group of ten INEOS ABS colleagues participate in this program, rotating based on their work schedules. For each school visit, the mentors plan a different kind of activity for the kids. In one session, for example, they described how insulation is used to keep food warm or cold. In another workshop during Halloween, they discussed safety tips for the kids to go trick-or- treating. At the last school visit two weeks ago, the mentor, together with their student mentees, performed an exercise with different shapes like ovals, parallelograms and circles as one part of the lesson. As a second part, the kids learned about the sublimation process, or in other words how to transform solids into a gaseous state. “To illustrate the theory, we conducted an experiment by adding liquids to dry ice and explained in detail the chemical processes that make the dry ice smoke,” explains Diane Lucas, Process Controls Engineer. “As mentors, in return, we continually develop and connect with the kids through this group volunteer experience while transforming their lives and strengthening our local community,” says Danny. This initiative is also part of the company’s community involvement program.

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